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To provide expertise and services in Planning, Monitoring and evaluation to the Recruitment Secretariat.

The functions of the Unit are:-

  1. Prepare strategic plans, medium term expenditure frameworks and annual development plans and budget for the Secretariat and Monitor and evaluate their implementation;
  2. Prepare periodic performance reports for development plans of the Recruitment Secretariat;
  3. Provide technical guidance and support for institutionalization of Strategic Planning and Budgeting process within the Office;
  4. Collect, study and analyze statistics needed in the formulation and implementation of plans and budgetary proposals;
  5. Provide technical support including institutionalization of Monitoring and Evaluation process within the Office;
  6. Undertake research and impact studies of plans, projects and programmes undertaken by the Secretariat; and
  7. Undertake service delivery surveys to collect stakeholders/clients views on services rendered by the Office in collaboration with various divisions and Units.